• Over 30 years’ experience.
  • Red Feather Melchitzedek Priest. Ascension assistance & training.
  • Multi-Certified Multi-Modality Energy Healer, Higher Guidance Psychic Reader
  • Akashic Library Record Reader & Energy Healer.
  • Archangel-Ascended Master Collective Readings & Energy Healer.
  • Negative & Uninvited Energy, Influence removal for People\Places\Things
  • I AM S.M.A.R.T. Higher Self Communication & Inner Alchemy Life-Coach.
    • I AM: You learn Higher-Self Communication & WholeBE-ing Inner Alchemy. Why? Inner Alchemize your obstacles, inner resistance, procrastination, discomfort, self-sabotage with your Higher-Self into vitality, creating action, decisions, choices and self-confidence instead of old-school crushing through it with my force of will (fighting MYSELF!). Rewire yourself for Success!
    • Higher Self Communication: Dependably, verifiably making decisions with your Higher Self-Mind-Consciousness.
    • S.M.A.R.T. : Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely Goal-Creation.

I'd like My Akashic Library Record Reading!

I want to Visit MY past life (lives) with MY Higher-Self to help me NOW!

I want to visit MY past life (or lives). Because..

  • I’ve always THOUGHT I’ve had a past life, or lives and I’m finally going to look into it!
  • I’m stuck!  In a rut and I’d like to get IMPORTANT information for MYSELF to get out of MY WAY NOW!
  • I want to benefit NOW from a past life for MY Life NOW!
  • I have NEGATIVE BAGGAGE, TRAUMA from a past life that is causing me DISTRESS in MY LIFE NOW!
  • I want to meet MY Akashic Library Guardians & Guides!
  • I want MY Higher-Self to bring me to MY PAST life that is MOST URGENT for ME see and know about!

I'd like a Negative & Uninvited Energy & Influence Removal & Healing!

I just don't feel good, I don't know why. I feel heavy, can't concentrate.

What I will get cleared..

  • Myself, MY WholeBE-ing. (Physical, Mental( SubSuperconsciouss, Conscious), Emotions  &Feelings, Personal Energies).
  • My children. I must be the legal guardian.
  • My Pets.
  • My Site: The main reason to clear your site? UNCOMFORTABLE NEGATIVE ENERGIES IN ANY FORM in YOUR land, home, business, bedroom (where you spend 8 hours a night!) , office, car.

I'm interested in Archangel-Ascended Maste Collective Readings...

I want to visit my personal guardians & guides..