• Akashic: From the word ‘Akasha’. A Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”. ‘Akasha’ comes from the word ‘kas’ or ‘kash’, meaning ‘to shine or radiate’. It also has Hindu and Buddhist meanings of the highest, unseen, unfathomable Spiritual Energy, Ether or ‘Source’ from which all transcendent matter is created. Referring to the ‘Akash’ energetic system.
  • Library: is an information center. reference center, storage, archives, registry. A sacred library of knowledge, wisdom and memories which are stored in the cosmic realms of existence. A library contains records.
  • Record: is a file, journal, log. An event recorded.

MY Akashic Library Records are my personal multidimensional energetic records of MY Authentic Truth–Higher I AM Self’s journey (also called My Oversoul, Soul, Higher Self, I AM Self. etc.,).

My Akashic Records begin from MY Authentic Truth–Higher I AM Self’s initial creation from MY Truth–Higher Power (My Source, God, whatever it is for ME) to NOW as a human being on earth, and include all of my potential future lifetimes.

MY Akashic Library Records contain for each lifetime, and between lifetimes all of MY Authentic Truth–Higher I AM Self’s energetic interactions, transactions, creations, actions, cre–actions, thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds.

I have them for all of my lifetimes on earth, other planets, this solar system, surrounding systems, this galaxy and surrounding galaxies, this universe and surrounding universes. The scope depends of the type of being I AM (Earth being, Solar Star Seed, Galactic Star Seed, Universe Star Seed, Walk–in, etc..,) and how old a soul I am. In my other lives I was possibly not just a human. I access my soul as other lifeforms, races, species.