Higher Guidance  is…

  • Only going to YOUR Highest Psychic, Spiritual, Energetic, Higher-Power, Personal Guardians & Guides as Sources  for information.
  • Only with explicit permissions from the client, and\or whatever they state is their Authentic Truth-Highest Source.
  • Assistance can be given to someone without their explicit permission by offering it as a gift to their Truth-Higher Self that can either be accepted or denied.
  • Having no attachment to their Truth-Higher Self’s decision.
  • This assures there never being an imposition of will, and any violating of boundaries.

Psychic(ism) is…

  • Lying outside the sphere of physical, conventional science or knowledge.
  • Immaterial, moral, energetic or spiritual in origin or force.
  • Sensitive to non-physical, non-visible or supernatural energies, beings, entities, forces and influences.
  • Marked by extraordinary sensitivity, perception, or understanding.

What is Higher Guidance Psychism?

  • Higher Guidance Psychism is information ONLY from YOUR Highest Sources. What ever you believe your Highest Source(s) to be. Your Authentic Truth, Higher- I AM SELF, Higher-Mind, Higher-Self, Higher-Soul, Higher-Power.
  • Your Information is offered never judgmentally, never manipulatively and with YOUR Highest Sources Divine Order.
  • Higher Guidance objectively translates what is being transmitted to YOU from YOUR Higher Sources into clear understandable forms.

Higher Guidance Psychism is Higher Frequency & Vibration:

  • Higher Consciousness: The reader, conduit, channeler is attuned to the higher levels of consciousness. Connecting with what ever you believe in as YOUR highest. YOUR Authentic Truth, Higher-Mind, or Higher-Self, or Higher-Soul, or Higher-I AM Self, or Higher Power. Personal Guardians & Guides, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors. This guarantees that your reading is always given with YOUR Highest Sources Divine Order.
  • Higher Permissions: The reader has permission from YOU, and YOUR Authentic Truth, Higher-Mind, or Higher-Self, or Higher-Soul, or Higher-I AM Self, or Higher Power.
  • Higher Empowerment, Responsiveness, Objectiveness, Clarity & Co-Creation: The reader is integrated, clear and aligned to your Highest Sources in a conscious and co–creative way. The readers personal opinions, prejudices and perspective never cloud or interfere with the quality of information and guidance given. The reader is a responsive, never a reactive channel–transmitter. The reader always intends to assist you in empowering yourself to the fullest degree.
  • Higher Inclusiveness: Higher Guidance is inclusive, based only on love, truth, and divine will of the YOUR Highest.
  • Higher Concern: The reader shows concern for YOU as a whole person in relation to ALL THAT IS, others and the Whole self.
  • Highest Authentic Truth: Some information ,when reflecting YOUR highest truths, may temporarily cause some fears, worries, anxieties to arise. However, this is information is given always with the positive perspectives of growth, that your Highest never gives you something you can’t hande and a type of release, clearing. The reader gives YOU positive, empowering, encouraging and enabling ways, viewpoints to assist YOU understanding and being with YOUR possible fear, anxiety, distress.
  • Highest Direction: Higher Guidance only indicates, points out, never dictates or commands. The reader reinforces that true power is within YOU. Your decisions can be made from the wisdom of your heart, YOUR Authentic Truth, Higher-Mind, or Higher-Self, or Higher-Soul, or Higher-I AM Self, or Higher Power. External rules\regulations are only given as indicators and signs. Higher Guidance only fosters, nurtures self–responsibility, self–sensitivity, consideration, compassion, understanding and respect for self and others.
  • Highest Authority: Higher Guidance never demands surrender of your will or power to the reader. Higher Guidance promotes self-willingness instead of willfulness over others. Higher Guidance promotes integration of authentic self–love and self–will, and merging YOURSELF with YOUR Authentic Truth, Higher-Mind, or Higher-Self, or Higher-Soul, or Higher-I AM Self, or Higher Power. Moving toward YOUR Highest Soul–infused being.
  • Highest Suggestions, NEVER should’s or have to’s: Higher Guidance offers new, creative, innovative, inspired information. Offering recommendations, information and guidance relevant to your most important needs and next steps. Higher Guidance is direct, clear, motivating and to the point. Higher Guidance is YOUR “still, small voice within” echoed by the reader. Higher Guidance focuses on your personal self-responsibility and effort for spiritual growth in ways of meaning and value to YOU.