Happy Home & Business Energy Clearing

Happy Home & Business Energy Clearings and Blessings: Expert and Experienced “Ghost Busting”, Negative Energy & Entity Removal for Homes, Businesses, Realtor’s.

“Love where you Live and Work Again”

The main reason to clear your site? UNCOMFORTABLE NEGATIVE ENERGIES IN ANY FORM in YOUR land, home, business, bedroom (where you spend 8 hours a night!) , office, car.

Some the sources of UNCOMFORTABLE NEGATIVE energies are:

  • Spiritual \ Metaphysical \ Psychic \ Supernatural Sources
    • Negative\Violent\Disturbed\Bad\Extreme\Distressed thoughts-actions-emotions-feelings from current or previous owners\occupants. Now or no matter how far in the past.
    • Distressed Environmental Energies.
    • Uninvited Spirits\Dimensional beings\Ghosts.
    • People dying in distress-not peacefully \ killed \ committing suicide or drug over dosing on your site.
    • People buried on your site. Old graveyards. Indian graveyards. Bodies secretly buried in your yard.
  • Distressed Energies from the Earth on YOUR Land
    • Pressures created as a result of shifts, and increasing pressures from local Earth Faults.
    • An Earth fault is a break in the Earth’s crust.
    • In these breaks the huge pieces of land on each side move along each other in different directions causing pressures and tension.
    • Sometimes the building stress and tension in these faults is felt by YOU!
  • Negative earth magnetic field energies.
  • Turbulence from naturally occurring underground waters.
    • Electrical Technologies \ Appliances: These emanate frequencies that disturb some people.
    • Cell Phones & Cell Phone Towers
    • Computers \ Tablets
    • Hair Dryers
    • Microwave Ovens
    • Wi-Fi
  • Everyday “Used Before” Handmade (sometimes not) Objects
    • The spirit of the dead person who had your object before is following the object around because it was its “favorite” object!
    • Things you pick up at garage sales and second hand stores.