I give you a 10 and the session was awesome…


Testimonial Aug 16, 2016 E.W.

Accountant, Advanced Theta Healing practitioner, Pranic healing, hands on healing

For Services:
–Akashic Library-Higher Power, Archangel & Ascended Master Collective Inner Child & Past Life Reading & Energy Healing

–Higher Guidance & Consciousness Life Coaching with Higher Guidance Person Negative, Uninvited Entity & Energy Clearing: During your session you are cleared of all Negative & Uninvited Energies, Entities, Influences, Cords, Hooks, Parasites, Dynamisms, Beings, Strings, Hangers-On, Vermin (And anything else your Higher-Self deems not in your highest good, benefit & well-being).

I give you a 10 and the session was awesome, I feel so connected. Definitely, worth working with Michael! It was great, I was divinely guided to work with Michael. I noticed the tears which always seem to flow now seem less. And my connection to my higher power is so much bigger. I am being called to connect often, work is flowing so much easier.  It was fun. It would be interesting to find our who the 3 inner children are who are running my life and to find out how I have help heal those little […].  It was awesome. I didn’t have expectations since my exposure to others work is Very limited. I look forward to connecting through Michael. More [of Michael’s] group meditations since everyone participating is helping the other