Michael Zarchian is in a class all by himself, the best coach I have ever worked with.


Testimonial March 18, 2016 B.O.H.

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Higher Power, ArchAngel-Ascended Master Collective Negative Energy & Entity Removal
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I am a 51-year-old senior director of capital markets in the financial field, as well as a licensed clinical social worker with a part-time counseling practice. 

For me, life is relationships and the quality of shared experience. Most importantly though, before all else, life is ongoing exercise of trying to understand oneself. Knowledge of everything and anything around us starts with knowledge and comprehension of what is stored inside of us. This is not always an easy task, and it certainly reveals plenty of blind spots and pain points.
The work that I have done with Michael Zarchian has helped me uncover more about myself than the work I have done with any other therapist or coach throughout my life. I have been an active meditator for 20 years (5500+ hours over the years), have traveled to 46 countries and have worked with some of the most unique coaches, teachers, shamans, therapists, and spiritualists. I believe I have a seasoned appreciation for what and who are truly the ‘real deal’ when it comes to counseling and guidance. Michael Zarchian is in a class all by himself, the best coach I have ever worked with.

There is nothing that Michael cannot help with and work on. I met Michael via another energy worker who recommended him. It was evident in the first few minutes of our first session that Michael understood where our work, my work needed to go. Energetic efficiency, if you will, he had a clear perception of the areas in me that needed to be addressed.

I score him a 10 and I highly recommend him to any and all because he brings to bear a tremendous compassion, enthusiasm, and desire to help in his work. No stone is left unturned and he makes sure that what is addressed is completed. The more work one does with Michael, the deeper the sense of wholeness and completion is created.
I cannot say enough good things about what Michael is bringing to his community, and the way he does it, with the reverence and respect he has for everything around and within us all. Keep up the great work!