Thank you doesn’t even cover my gratitude and the way I feel.


Testimonial March 7, 2016 Leslie.
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I am a 54 year old fellow energy worker and Psychic/Medium. I first met Michael Zarchian at a metaphysical Fair. I had a Reiki session with him at this fair and new immediately that he had very very strong energy. As a friend he is very loyal. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services! On a scale of 1-10 I would give him a 10! I would be lost if I could no longer use his services.
We bought a house and moved in to it. I started feeling as if there was a very dark energy in my house. I felt held down. Sickly and emotionally drained. My Son started acting irrationally as well. He had a mental breakdown and ended up in a Government facility for 6 weeks. I called on Michael. He came and knew immediately what needed to be done. I had not 1, but several big bad negative entities in my house. He spent over a month coming to my house to get rid of them once and for all. I had mirrors that they were using as portals. We did mirror breaking ceremonies and removed them off of the property. Replaced them with mirrors that have paper backing on them and Archangel-Ascended Master Energetic Grids.
Then when my Son was released from the hospital Michael came back over and removed the negative attachments from my Son. They had diagnosed my Son bipolar. That was so far from the truth. He was being used by these negative entities. My Son was able to get off of all medications and is now living a whole, full and happy life. My house is clear. I’m clear. My Son is clear. YAY!
Michael also sent energy remotely and in person. He helped me with my back problems with reiki and really changed my whole outlook on life. My chakras were balanced and spinning again! Before the house felt awful. Now it feels free and clear. I’m forever grateful for Michael’s services and will use him again. Because I’m a Medium, I have to keep my space clear. I want to thank you Michael for changing our life. Many blessings your way and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again. I also highly recommend his CD’s. I play the one for space clearing quite often. Thank you doesn’t even cover my gratitude and the way I feel. -Leslie